Covid-19 Client Information  Effective April 1, 2021

The safety of our Spa is paramount in our business.   We have developed protocols and practices to migitigate the risks associated with Coovid-19 and are committed to following practices that we consider safe and practical while maintaining a high quality service.  Accordingly we have made changes to how we operate and have developed a detailed mitigation plan.  We have established extensive cleaning and disinfecting protocol, keep our spa ventilated and practice safe social distancing, even in our couples room.   A summary of changes that will affect our clients include:

  • We ask that you do not book a service if you have early signs of Covid-19 including fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, unexpected fatigue, muscle/body aches, dizziness, confusion, difficulty swallowing, discoloured fingers/toes, decrease in sense of taste or smell  and similar conditions or you have been in contact with somebody who is in the at risk category or asked to self isolate by a local health authority

  • We will ask pre-screen questions upon booking and upon arrival will complete a more detailed assessment and temperature check

  • We will inform you there is always a risk of contracting Covid-19 despite our efforts to mitigate the risk and ask you to sign a consent for services 

  • We ask all of our clients to bring and wear a mask in the Spa at all times.  We will provide one if you forget to bring one with you. 

  • We ask that you come alone (or with your partner if its a couples massage).  We have closed our waiting room for clients

  • We ask that you remain outside until your appointed time.  We leave 30 minutes between clients to clean the massage room and areas

  • We ask you to use hand sanitizer that we provide upon entering and leaving the spa

  • You will be taken directly to your treatment room where you will complete the assessment and informed consent form

  • At the conclusion of your session we ask that you pay by charge or debit card if at all possible

  • We sincerely hope you enjoyed your massage and  hope you understand the protocols we have put in place are to protect you, your loved ones and our staff